Thursday, January 25, 2007

Communism - Sitaram Yechury and Adi Shankaracharyaa

Shri Sitaram Yechury , a Rajya Sabha MP and a member of Politburo CPI (M) writes in Delhi edition of Hindustan Times dated 25/01/07 under the heading "BREAK THE CYCLE" as follows:

"...It is , in fact , a battle between mind or consciousness as the highest form of matter and consciousness as independent of body ,in that sense , cosmic in nature ..."

It is coming from a respected member of Communist Party Of India ( Marxist ) which is in power in the State of West Bengal ,India.

Here the mind represents the highest form of matter that is the body. Indeed the human body for whose comforts the capitalists produce all the material goods and maximize the profit. The mind is matter so it is physical or still a part of body .

And what is this consciousness as separate from body which is cosmic in nature ?

Hold it.

For the uninitiated here it goes -
According to India spiritual system - the non-dualist and dualists - the soul is separate from body. The best exponent of this spiritual system ( the best of them the non-dualism ) was Adi Shankaracharya. The ultimate super grand master of Indian Philosophy. He established four Dhams in India - Badrinath , Dwarka, Puri and Sringeri. The ultimate desire of a religious Hindu is to go on pilgrimage of all these four Dhams. He is supposed to be responsible for defeat of Buddhist philosophy and its disappearance from India.
But here we are concerned with something else.

According to non-dualist there is soul , there is god , there is absolute god and then there is Nirgun Bruhm . The Nirgun Bruhm - the undefinable reality behind all the existence in this universe including the gods in physical forms.

The BRUHM is the real ABSOLUTE.

This Bruhm is also known as CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now the self (soul) is non-dual to Bruhm so it also similar to Bruhm and so it is also CONSCIOUSNESS.

The self (consciousness) is also distinct from body and is cosmic in nature.

Is it not what Shri Sitaram Yechury talking about?

The cosmic and separate from body - the Consciousness ITSELF.

Is it not the spiritual element in materialistic interpretation of Marx ?

The back door entry of religion into Communism !

And Marx said that the religion was opiate of masses.
Marx , the greatest thinker according to Communists , must be turning in his grave.


With all due apologies to all the Marxists , I think that Marx did not have the capability to analyse the caste system with in the materialistic interpretation of history. So all the Marxists in India are wasting their energy in trying to interpret the caste system in the framework of Marx.


The Communism is an egalitarian philosophy but its implementation has been faulty - actually it is fit only for pre-agriculture tribes or communes.

Now all the Communist system are run as as fiefdom of Politburos.
These fiefdoms are no match for democracies so all of them fell one by one . The Communist regime in North Korea will also not take long time in joining its comrades.


Adi Shankaracharya borrowed the term "Consciousness" from Buddhist term - "Chetna" or consciousness. And he also borrowed the term "Avidya" from Buddha's "Avijja".


The Marxist term " False Consciousness", the Adi Shankaryacharya's term "Avidya" and Buddha' term " Avijja" - all have the same meaning the false knowledge or ignorance. The buddhist term was the first to arrive.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shilpa Shetty - Big Brother and racism

The shoe pinches really !?

The insulted Shilpa Shetty got a company !
The scheduled castes students at AIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences ).

The brainy , meritocrats of AIMS can insult the Dalit students by calling them "Bloody Scheddus" and people at Big Brother can not do anything !?

Or the racists at Big Brother have a company in the intellectual exalted arena of upper caste students at AIMS.

The racists are being denigrated.
It is great injustice to racists and by extension to casteists.

Nobody raised a voice against the casteism of brilliant MBBS students soon going to be full flashed doctors. These casteists represent some of the finest brains of Indian civil society ! If this is the best face of civil society then what could be the face otherwise.?

They refused to eat the food prepared by Shilpa Shetty !

Shades of untouchability ! The great tradition of Hindu society !

Defying this great tradition the untouchables entered a temple in Orissa under police protection . And the upper caste Hindus set on protest in Orissa to against this temple entry which defiled their temple and defiled the undefileable god.

They wanted to safeguard the practice of untouchability ! It should not be allowed to die - it helps in preserving dharma.

May be such protesting upper caste Hindus from Orissa should go to Britain and defend the racism there ! After all they represent their point of view - the superiority by birth.

And now everybody is up in arms against Big Brother. Such an uproar ! Such a protest !

I am sure that the students at AIMS are not part of such protests and neither is the deaf faculty there.

Actually they must be planning to honour the racists at Big Brother - one of their own kind . As a mark of protest against tormenting the racists they should wear black badges while in classes and while on duty.

They should go on fast against denigrating the racists.

They should give interview to media justifying the incident at Big Brother .

And the media should slurp it , give it big heading and discuss it every other day.

It is the superiority which prevails. You see that Big Brother incident reflects the same theory as theirs' - the superiority by birth.

The casteist and racists birds of the same kind flock together.

May be they should advise Shilpa Shetty to bear with such insults - the inferior people are born to bear them . It is all Karma - the punishment for the accumulated sins of the past lives.

The of sins past lives of Shilpa Shetty and Dalit students at AIMS must be incalculably bad. So they have to pay for them. Traditional logic of great spiritual Hindu civilization.

Or they may do one more thing - they may protest against the insult to Shilpa Shetty and Indian culture and send protest letters to Channel 4 , write against in the media and blogosphere - and then come back to AIMS and practice casteism and everything will be back to normal .

Shoe pinches ? Really ?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Merit and cricket.

There is merit in everything which upper castes do in India. All the other people are merit-less . So goes the refrain . The affirmative action is out because it leads to inefficiencies . And it causes a huge avoidable loss to the nation. The great nation which is far ahead than others in corruption.

The great nation which has an unbeatable record in civil atrocities . The atrocities committed by civilians on weak people . Merely a recurrent theme for thousands of years.

Absolutely no upper caste person has problem with it . But they do have an ever stretching resentment against reservations.

They thank the god that there are no reservations in sports. There everything happens on merit.

So it indicates towards a situation where the performance of Indians has to be on the top of the world !!

Let us take the case of cricket . Why not, after all it is game of national importance! All the Indians attach their emotions and pride with cricket.

And in their most favourite game they are beaten like nincompoops.

Their acclaimed efficiency disappears gloriously into a multitude of dismal failures. These failures make heaps upon heaps till they rise from bottom to top.

The nation of one billion people cannot produce a team which can beat a team from a nation having population less than the city of Mumbai. Yes , that is the Australia with such small population. What is the point of being born superior if the superiority does not extend itself beyond beating the helpless and sourceless people ? Really somebody from anti-reservation boggy has to give some explanation regarding no show by the efficient people in the area of sports.

Silence, do I hear the deafening silence from upper castes?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

NOIDA - The Serial killers - Moninder and Surender

Absolutely make no mistake the Indian police is for you and for that matter with everybody.
It consciously ignores the victims of lawlessness if they are poor .

It has ankle high sensitivity. It swims on the neck deep ocean of righteousness.

More than 35 children were missing and it stood by . It waited and waited because practice makes one perfect. So was the perfection of killers gaining momentum. These children were missing from Nithari village, NOIDA, UP ,India. Some of them for more than 2 years. From the same spot. Now more than 20 of them are confirmed to have been killed. How did we come to know about it ? By sheer efficiency of Indian police ? By sheer luck my dear ! Sheer luck and only luck. Otherwise it would not have take two years to find the children missing from the same locality and from the same spot - near the posh house of Mr. Moninder Singh Pandhare.
Mr. Moninder Singh Pandhare and his servant Surender Koli enticed , sexually abused and brutally killed more than a score of children - boys and girls. The proof lies in discovered piles of bones in the covered drain by the side of the house D-5 in Noida’s Sector 31 .
The police did not suspect Mr. Moninder Singh even after suspicion raised by the parents of victims.
Was it because he was rich and played golf ?

Was it because the victims belonged to lowest strata of the society ?

Most probably it was the mix of two reasons but overwhelmingly the second one.
The police did not listen to their complains , refused to file their reports , made fun of them.

It played the role of callous onlooker .

The people belonging to lowest strata do not deserve any protection from law. The law and order come under threat only when elites are affected. Otherwise every thing is honky dory and they can go to sleep while on duty.

Actually it is the result of time honoured principles of boycott , non-cooperation and ostracising. The under lying theme is that of exclusion. Under this the poor and people belonging to lower strata of society are excluded from the protection of law and justice. They do not deserve its benefits and actually become victims of the system of law and justice. However unofficially so.

The system needs to be shaken up and told that Jessica Lal and Priyardashini Matto are not the
only one who are victims. There others as well like these poor kids and Priyanka Bhootmange who are important as well. The system should look at the victims without any discrimination.

Had it been so the priceless , innocent , smiling and bubbling lives of so many lovely kids could have been saved. But one could always depend on Indian police to behave in contrary direction.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Naipaul - the oppressed upper castes

The great noble laureate Sir V. S. Naipaul has said, "Foolish people think that the upper castes are oppressing the lower caste. It is the other way."
May be the upper caste people are not allowed to walk on the city streets.
But who dares ? Certainly not the lower caste people. They don't have police with them neither do they have army with them nor judiciary. They do not have economic power. How are they going to oppress upper caste people ?
Oh ! Now I got it . It is the reservation which is giving him so much trouble to him. That is what makes an oppression for him. We got to agree on what is oppression when we talk about it . Perhaps the great analytical mind of Naipaul does not include caste killings as oppression. If the reservation is oppression then he would have to agree that the upper caste people have oppressed others by reserving 100 percent seat for them in social , political and economic spheres for thousands of years . May be I think that it would pass as great heritage in his mind full of deep insights!
Or it was right to rule over foolish people of non-upper caste in the great past !?
They are/were made to be ruled over!
Completely lacking lacking in intellectual abilities unlike the inhuman path showing Brahmans. Are the oppression under Hindu society the result of compassionate nature of the Brahmans?
Or do they mean to understand the meaning of oppression by experience ? It seems they are missing the meritocratic system of past where no Shudra was allowed to take part!
The foolish people of past may not be the fools of present. India seems to be in irreversible gear which no deep insight of Naipaul can reverse.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Naipaul -Caste system - friendly societies ?

Nobel laureate , Sir V. S. Naipaul has said that caste system is an internal series of friendly societies.
Friendly societies ???
I was not aware of it that 20 percent of Hindus are living in friendly group of societies which keep them outside the villages. Such an unlimited and kind friendliness has not been heard of. Since the great Brahman and noble laureate Naipaul is saying so with his deep insights I have to believe it.
Who can doubt his paramount sincerity , integrity , honesty and natural priorities?
Who am I to disbelieve him? A mere blogger of no importance.
However in a manner of true friendliness the untouchables are not allowed to take water from common village well. So it goes that those who are allowed to take water from common village well are enemies .
Such an enmity I have never seen !
It beats me and my little brain !
Mr. Naipaul must be having in mind the Khairalnji incident when he said so. In Khairalnji , Viderbha , Maharashtra ,India four untouchable were murdered with the consent of Panchayat (village council), the great ancient democratic institute. In utmost ancient friendliness the Panchayat forbade any villager from giving any information to the authorities.
Or he must be having in mind the temple incident in Orissa where untouchables were not allowed to enter the temples. After forced entry of dalits in temple under tight security , the upper castes purified the temple for three day and thus defiled the dalits. It degrades the dalits. How can such a society which degrades its own people be friendly ?
Now these foolish dictionarywallahs should be informed that the meaning of word "friendly" has been changed courtesy deep penetrating insights of Mr. Naipaul. Now it stands for the treatment given to untouchables in the Hindu society. The deep penetrating insights of Naipaul are really deep. They penetrate through and through the Hindu society and the existence of untouchables. He sees them through and through with nothing existing between him and the top of the caste society.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dalit temple entry in Orissa - Upper castes protest

Enter the temple at your own risk ! You are the dalits , the untouchables , far below the social status required to enter the temple. You run the risk of life while attempting to do so. That is why the dalits took the help of administration through a public petition to court to enter the temple in Kendarapada , Orissa, India.
They were not allowed to enter the temple traditionally .

Long live the tradition , long live the inhumanity !

They could see the deity only through the nine holes created in a wall of temple.

Fearing the threat to their lives at the hands of cultured upper castes, the dalits entered the Jaggananath temple under the strong protection of police , so much so that the additional security forces had to be sent to the area. The entry to the temple more than 300 years old was strongly objected to by the upper castes. However, the dalits entered the temple under the tight security and thus ended the practice hundreds of years of discrimination based on birth or caste.
This created tension in the area , the law and order came under threat.

The temple was closed for three days and purification took place. The temple was defiled by the entry of dalits who are considered as polluted by the scriptures. However even in modern times the entry of dalits in temple was not allowed by tradition. The temple was purified . Because it offended the sense of superiority of upper caste people . It offended their sense of pollution. It offended their sense of purity. It hurt their religious sentiments.
With all due respect to their thinking it is not know that what kind of God can get polluted by the mere presence of human beings.
What kind of spirituality bars human being from entering the temples ?

Most probably none.

Once upon a time the scriptures ruled the earth in India.

Now its place has been taken by Indian Constitution in a democratic India.

The new system does not believe in notion of purity and superiority. It accords equal rights to anybody to enter the temples. There is no way in which high caste people can save their unthical, assumed, false and dehumanising sense of superiority and purity. It is detrimental to the overall welfare of the society.
Notwithstanding their dehumanising practices , about 1000 upper caste people including women and children set on dharna to protest against dalit temple entry and resultant assumed defiling of the temple. However a compromise has been reached and the wall with nine holes will be broken to make a common entry to all.
There is no physical evidence to show that defilement was caused to temple.
It is all in the head . The real fight has to be fought there.