Sunday, November 26, 2006

91 runs only

This would make any sensible Indian see red. Emotionally attached to cricket . Investing time and money. These are the people not to be taken lightly. But this cricket team makes only 91 runs and brings disgrace to nation ! Once upon it made only 42 runs in an inning in a test match !! So they are only practicing what comes to them naturally. However there is public uproar, rightly so. Disgrace in a game of national importance is not allowed. There is strong criticism of team's Australian coach , Greg Chappell , and also that of efficient team . After all this team was without quota.

Everybody chosen on strict criteria of merit!!

Now everybody is looking for reasons for such a performance. And that of high hopes which were created when Australian took over. He was supposed to create miracles with this meritorious team. But this team has developed such a habit of loosing that it has become a second nature. Get there and play to be defeated ! Mr Greg does not appear to be in situation where he can salvage the situation. There is lot of public and parliamentarian hue and cry. Yes , the parliament has also joined it ! The honourable (YES , I still have a great respect for them not necessarily for their views) members of Indian of parliament are asking for explanation from President of BCCI Mr Sharad Pawar and asking for sacking the Aussie. The great Aussie replied casually in an Australian casual manner that he was not surprised since the MPs were paid to do so in parliament. This raises furore in parliament. In India getting paid may mean payment of bribe. There is a confusion on both the sides . The Indians do not understand the Australian culture and the favour is returned unconsciously by Australians. Both the sides assume that they have better cultural values than the other. So it goes on.

But a privilege motion against Mr Greg in parliament !!

Now this is height of nonsense. Since when Mr Greg has become important enough to be indicted by parliament? Is it not the time that the parliament leave such trivial matters to BCCI , players, journalists and public opinion. It should not demean itself through such a childish act.

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