Monday, December 04, 2006

Dalit riots

Riots are bad.
Protests are alright. There have been protests in Maharashtra in last few days over a report over defacement of statute of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in Kanpur. The dalits have been protesting all over Maharashtra.
But the protests got converted into riots. Dr. Ambedkar was the chief architect of Indian Constitution. He is revered by millions of dalits all over India . As a token of respect the dalits have installed his statutes in their colonies in every state ,in every city. He got them reservations in parliament, educational institutes and government jobs. These reservations have been the only source of dignified livelihood for lakhs of dalits. Otherwise they are condemned to live wretched life for generations altogether. The earth is a living hell for them. They do not have to die to see the hell. It is made available to them by this great civilization. For such a man they cannot have but reverence.
But the real cause for such prolonged and widespread protests does not lie in Kanpur which is not in Maharashtra but is a far off place from Mumbai. The real cause is the rage over killing of four dalits in Khairalnji by a higher caste crowd. The Panchayat had aided in the happenings. The government of the state handled it casually and in a disinterested manner as if the lives of dalits are of no value.
And dalits are not supposed get angry.
The state government is more interested in dubbing the protesters as Naxalites. They are forced to go under ground.
The parliament has time to discuss the game of cricket but no time for massacre of dalits. The dalits show their protest in the city of Mumbai. The crowd gathers , the youths get angry and rioting starts . A train is burnt , buses are damaged. The people are put to inconvenience. The whole life of Mumbai is disrupted.

All of this could have been avoided if the authorities have been sensitive to dalits demands and heard them.

If the steps were taken to bring the criminals to justice ? And a very big if....

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