Monday, December 25, 2006

Naipaul -Caste system - friendly societies ?

Nobel laureate , Sir V. S. Naipaul has said that caste system is an internal series of friendly societies.
Friendly societies ???
I was not aware of it that 20 percent of Hindus are living in friendly group of societies which keep them outside the villages. Such an unlimited and kind friendliness has not been heard of. Since the great Brahman and noble laureate Naipaul is saying so with his deep insights I have to believe it.
Who can doubt his paramount sincerity , integrity , honesty and natural priorities?
Who am I to disbelieve him? A mere blogger of no importance.
However in a manner of true friendliness the untouchables are not allowed to take water from common village well. So it goes that those who are allowed to take water from common village well are enemies .
Such an enmity I have never seen !
It beats me and my little brain !
Mr. Naipaul must be having in mind the Khairalnji incident when he said so. In Khairalnji , Viderbha , Maharashtra ,India four untouchable were murdered with the consent of Panchayat (village council), the great ancient democratic institute. In utmost ancient friendliness the Panchayat forbade any villager from giving any information to the authorities.
Or he must be having in mind the temple incident in Orissa where untouchables were not allowed to enter the temples. After forced entry of dalits in temple under tight security , the upper castes purified the temple for three day and thus defiled the dalits. It degrades the dalits. How can such a society which degrades its own people be friendly ?
Now these foolish dictionarywallahs should be informed that the meaning of word "friendly" has been changed courtesy deep penetrating insights of Mr. Naipaul. Now it stands for the treatment given to untouchables in the Hindu society. The deep penetrating insights of Naipaul are really deep. They penetrate through and through the Hindu society and the existence of untouchables. He sees them through and through with nothing existing between him and the top of the caste society.

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