Monday, January 01, 2007

Naipaul - the oppressed upper castes

The great noble laureate Sir V. S. Naipaul has said, "Foolish people think that the upper castes are oppressing the lower caste. It is the other way."
May be the upper caste people are not allowed to walk on the city streets.
But who dares ? Certainly not the lower caste people. They don't have police with them neither do they have army with them nor judiciary. They do not have economic power. How are they going to oppress upper caste people ?
Oh ! Now I got it . It is the reservation which is giving him so much trouble to him. That is what makes an oppression for him. We got to agree on what is oppression when we talk about it . Perhaps the great analytical mind of Naipaul does not include caste killings as oppression. If the reservation is oppression then he would have to agree that the upper caste people have oppressed others by reserving 100 percent seat for them in social , political and economic spheres for thousands of years . May be I think that it would pass as great heritage in his mind full of deep insights!
Or it was right to rule over foolish people of non-upper caste in the great past !?
They are/were made to be ruled over!
Completely lacking lacking in intellectual abilities unlike the inhuman path showing Brahmans. Are the oppression under Hindu society the result of compassionate nature of the Brahmans?
Or do they mean to understand the meaning of oppression by experience ? It seems they are missing the meritocratic system of past where no Shudra was allowed to take part!
The foolish people of past may not be the fools of present. India seems to be in irreversible gear which no deep insight of Naipaul can reverse.

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