Monday, January 15, 2007

Merit and cricket.

There is merit in everything which upper castes do in India. All the other people are merit-less . So goes the refrain . The affirmative action is out because it leads to inefficiencies . And it causes a huge avoidable loss to the nation. The great nation which is far ahead than others in corruption.

The great nation which has an unbeatable record in civil atrocities . The atrocities committed by civilians on weak people . Merely a recurrent theme for thousands of years.

Absolutely no upper caste person has problem with it . But they do have an ever stretching resentment against reservations.

They thank the god that there are no reservations in sports. There everything happens on merit.

So it indicates towards a situation where the performance of Indians has to be on the top of the world !!

Let us take the case of cricket . Why not, after all it is game of national importance! All the Indians attach their emotions and pride with cricket.

And in their most favourite game they are beaten like nincompoops.

Their acclaimed efficiency disappears gloriously into a multitude of dismal failures. These failures make heaps upon heaps till they rise from bottom to top.

The nation of one billion people cannot produce a team which can beat a team from a nation having population less than the city of Mumbai. Yes , that is the Australia with such small population. What is the point of being born superior if the superiority does not extend itself beyond beating the helpless and sourceless people ? Really somebody from anti-reservation boggy has to give some explanation regarding no show by the efficient people in the area of sports.

Silence, do I hear the deafening silence from upper castes?

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