Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shilpa Shetty - Big Brother and racism

The shoe pinches really !?

The insulted Shilpa Shetty got a company !
The scheduled castes students at AIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences ).

The brainy , meritocrats of AIMS can insult the Dalit students by calling them "Bloody Scheddus" and people at Big Brother can not do anything !?

Or the racists at Big Brother have a company in the intellectual exalted arena of upper caste students at AIMS.

The racists are being denigrated.
It is great injustice to racists and by extension to casteists.

Nobody raised a voice against the casteism of brilliant MBBS students soon going to be full flashed doctors. These casteists represent some of the finest brains of Indian civil society ! If this is the best face of civil society then what could be the face otherwise.?

They refused to eat the food prepared by Shilpa Shetty !

Shades of untouchability ! The great tradition of Hindu society !

Defying this great tradition the untouchables entered a temple in Orissa under police protection . And the upper caste Hindus set on protest in Orissa to against this temple entry which defiled their temple and defiled the undefileable god.

They wanted to safeguard the practice of untouchability ! It should not be allowed to die - it helps in preserving dharma.

May be such protesting upper caste Hindus from Orissa should go to Britain and defend the racism there ! After all they represent their point of view - the superiority by birth.

And now everybody is up in arms against Big Brother. Such an uproar ! Such a protest !

I am sure that the students at AIMS are not part of such protests and neither is the deaf faculty there.

Actually they must be planning to honour the racists at Big Brother - one of their own kind . As a mark of protest against tormenting the racists they should wear black badges while in classes and while on duty.

They should go on fast against denigrating the racists.

They should give interview to media justifying the incident at Big Brother .

And the media should slurp it , give it big heading and discuss it every other day.

It is the superiority which prevails. You see that Big Brother incident reflects the same theory as theirs' - the superiority by birth.

The casteist and racists birds of the same kind flock together.

May be they should advise Shilpa Shetty to bear with such insults - the inferior people are born to bear them . It is all Karma - the punishment for the accumulated sins of the past lives.

The of sins past lives of Shilpa Shetty and Dalit students at AIMS must be incalculably bad. So they have to pay for them. Traditional logic of great spiritual Hindu civilization.

Or they may do one more thing - they may protest against the insult to Shilpa Shetty and Indian culture and send protest letters to Channel 4 , write against in the media and blogosphere - and then come back to AIMS and practice casteism and everything will be back to normal .

Shoe pinches ? Really ?


Anonymous said...

Hey :
I totally agree with you. I heard that our some (by birth?) priviledged are absolutely hurt ...poor chaps

shilpa is crying..she is treated like untouchables aka dalits and lesser citizens..ofcourse it is hurting you know ....a tulu of a shetty community is getting abused and treated as schedule castes how is zat possible, tolerable, acceptable?

But i hope now some of them would know what are the psychological effects of such discriminations. Back home in India,we know what is outcaste...incaste...bycatse, upcaste, lowcaste....arre some of the indians treat women, dalits, lesser than animals ..and now they are the ones who are talking about racisim.

Do these socalled have any moral right to protest when they themselves are casteist and racist shitpots?

Long live Fair and Lovely and so called Higher caste.......

I deeply empathise with u shilpa....but feel this.....we lived with this pain for several centuries.....see if u can live in such world for more than a month....

SHilpa u still have a ray of hope ...Tony is really trying to help you... and if u crusade through these moments you might get those millions of pounds thats why you went there ....atleast live there for the sake of money yaar...and i know u are thick skinned you will come over...its good to smell our own stink to know what lies within deserve it once in a while to know what it feels like shilpa......cheers

Anonymous said...

reality piches n it should pinch hard that they never go back again to sleep in peace without tasting the bitter fruit they have been forcing on others.