Monday, December 25, 2006

Naipaul -Caste system - friendly societies ?

Nobel laureate , Sir V. S. Naipaul has said that caste system is an internal series of friendly societies.
Friendly societies ???
I was not aware of it that 20 percent of Hindus are living in friendly group of societies which keep them outside the villages. Such an unlimited and kind friendliness has not been heard of. Since the great Brahman and noble laureate Naipaul is saying so with his deep insights I have to believe it.
Who can doubt his paramount sincerity , integrity , honesty and natural priorities?
Who am I to disbelieve him? A mere blogger of no importance.
However in a manner of true friendliness the untouchables are not allowed to take water from common village well. So it goes that those who are allowed to take water from common village well are enemies .
Such an enmity I have never seen !
It beats me and my little brain !
Mr. Naipaul must be having in mind the Khairalnji incident when he said so. In Khairalnji , Viderbha , Maharashtra ,India four untouchable were murdered with the consent of Panchayat (village council), the great ancient democratic institute. In utmost ancient friendliness the Panchayat forbade any villager from giving any information to the authorities.
Or he must be having in mind the temple incident in Orissa where untouchables were not allowed to enter the temples. After forced entry of dalits in temple under tight security , the upper castes purified the temple for three day and thus defiled the dalits. It degrades the dalits. How can such a society which degrades its own people be friendly ?
Now these foolish dictionarywallahs should be informed that the meaning of word "friendly" has been changed courtesy deep penetrating insights of Mr. Naipaul. Now it stands for the treatment given to untouchables in the Hindu society. The deep penetrating insights of Naipaul are really deep. They penetrate through and through the Hindu society and the existence of untouchables. He sees them through and through with nothing existing between him and the top of the caste society.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dalit temple entry in Orissa - Upper castes protest

Enter the temple at your own risk ! You are the dalits , the untouchables , far below the social status required to enter the temple. You run the risk of life while attempting to do so. That is why the dalits took the help of administration through a public petition to court to enter the temple in Kendarapada , Orissa, India.
They were not allowed to enter the temple traditionally .

Long live the tradition , long live the inhumanity !

They could see the deity only through the nine holes created in a wall of temple.

Fearing the threat to their lives at the hands of cultured upper castes, the dalits entered the Jaggananath temple under the strong protection of police , so much so that the additional security forces had to be sent to the area. The entry to the temple more than 300 years old was strongly objected to by the upper castes. However, the dalits entered the temple under the tight security and thus ended the practice hundreds of years of discrimination based on birth or caste.
This created tension in the area , the law and order came under threat.

The temple was closed for three days and purification took place. The temple was defiled by the entry of dalits who are considered as polluted by the scriptures. However even in modern times the entry of dalits in temple was not allowed by tradition. The temple was purified . Because it offended the sense of superiority of upper caste people . It offended their sense of pollution. It offended their sense of purity. It hurt their religious sentiments.
With all due respect to their thinking it is not know that what kind of God can get polluted by the mere presence of human beings.
What kind of spirituality bars human being from entering the temples ?

Most probably none.

Once upon a time the scriptures ruled the earth in India.

Now its place has been taken by Indian Constitution in a democratic India.

The new system does not believe in notion of purity and superiority. It accords equal rights to anybody to enter the temples. There is no way in which high caste people can save their unthical, assumed, false and dehumanising sense of superiority and purity. It is detrimental to the overall welfare of the society.
Notwithstanding their dehumanising practices , about 1000 upper caste people including women and children set on dharna to protest against dalit temple entry and resultant assumed defiling of the temple. However a compromise has been reached and the wall with nine holes will be broken to make a common entry to all.
There is no physical evidence to show that defilement was caused to temple.
It is all in the head . The real fight has to be fought there.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cricket - Australia , Martyn , Sharad Pawar

The casual (!?) Australians were at it again ! At the award winning ceremony after wining the Champions trophy the Aussie captain Ricky Ponting asks the BCCI President Sharad Pawar by tapping him on the back to handover the trophy to him.
Oh my god , the heavens are going to fall !
How come such a man of low level of merely being an astounding cricket player can tap such a dignitary ? Then this another school boy, Martyn, nudges him out of the stage . Just to get photographed ? Really ? Mr. Sharad Pawar shows all the dignity of dignitary and refuses to make it a point.

Mr. Sharad Pawar is a respected senior parliamentarian of India. He is twice the age these school boys.

There is a time tested tradition in India of respecting the elders. And this also includes not raising your voice in presence of seniors. And these people come from another Continent having population less than that of Mumbai and pat and push him ! This simple act is big enough to bring down the whole Indian civilization !

But we might as well see the Australian side also. Or we shall hang them without proper hearing?

The Australia is a country where casualness is found freely floating on the air. This is a country where Prime Minister and a common can sit on the same bench of a local park. And nobody minds . Nobody is affected. Nobody makes a big deal about. They can rub the shoulders with no less than the Prime Minister. Therefore a casual handshake with a dignitary is not big thing. This time it stretched over a little farther.

Now nobody understand other's cultural and nor anybody is willing to do it!!

However the Aussies get away with it by merely tendering an apology only when asked for it the lawyer of Mr. Sharad Pawar.

Suppose this was to happen in case of Indian player the what would have had happened?
In no time the player concerned would have become a person non grata . He would have been dropped from the selection from the team. He would have been forced to cool his heels. Of course all this was to depend on his relative clout. Or rather parentage. He would been forced to rot. And all his coming generation would have met the same fate.

Very closely nit society ,Indian !! It punishes the man and all those close to him.

It can do it.
It can even make an Einstein to rot if he does not belong to a proper caste.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dalit riots

Riots are bad.
Protests are alright. There have been protests in Maharashtra in last few days over a report over defacement of statute of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in Kanpur. The dalits have been protesting all over Maharashtra.
But the protests got converted into riots. Dr. Ambedkar was the chief architect of Indian Constitution. He is revered by millions of dalits all over India . As a token of respect the dalits have installed his statutes in their colonies in every state ,in every city. He got them reservations in parliament, educational institutes and government jobs. These reservations have been the only source of dignified livelihood for lakhs of dalits. Otherwise they are condemned to live wretched life for generations altogether. The earth is a living hell for them. They do not have to die to see the hell. It is made available to them by this great civilization. For such a man they cannot have but reverence.
But the real cause for such prolonged and widespread protests does not lie in Kanpur which is not in Maharashtra but is a far off place from Mumbai. The real cause is the rage over killing of four dalits in Khairalnji by a higher caste crowd. The Panchayat had aided in the happenings. The government of the state handled it casually and in a disinterested manner as if the lives of dalits are of no value.
And dalits are not supposed get angry.
The state government is more interested in dubbing the protesters as Naxalites. They are forced to go under ground.
The parliament has time to discuss the game of cricket but no time for massacre of dalits. The dalits show their protest in the city of Mumbai. The crowd gathers , the youths get angry and rioting starts . A train is burnt , buses are damaged. The people are put to inconvenience. The whole life of Mumbai is disrupted.

All of this could have been avoided if the authorities have been sensitive to dalits demands and heard them.

If the steps were taken to bring the criminals to justice ? And a very big if....