Monday, December 18, 2006

Dalit temple entry in Orissa - Upper castes protest

Enter the temple at your own risk ! You are the dalits , the untouchables , far below the social status required to enter the temple. You run the risk of life while attempting to do so. That is why the dalits took the help of administration through a public petition to court to enter the temple in Kendarapada , Orissa, India.
They were not allowed to enter the temple traditionally .

Long live the tradition , long live the inhumanity !

They could see the deity only through the nine holes created in a wall of temple.

Fearing the threat to their lives at the hands of cultured upper castes, the dalits entered the Jaggananath temple under the strong protection of police , so much so that the additional security forces had to be sent to the area. The entry to the temple more than 300 years old was strongly objected to by the upper castes. However, the dalits entered the temple under the tight security and thus ended the practice hundreds of years of discrimination based on birth or caste.
This created tension in the area , the law and order came under threat.

The temple was closed for three days and purification took place. The temple was defiled by the entry of dalits who are considered as polluted by the scriptures. However even in modern times the entry of dalits in temple was not allowed by tradition. The temple was purified . Because it offended the sense of superiority of upper caste people . It offended their sense of pollution. It offended their sense of purity. It hurt their religious sentiments.
With all due respect to their thinking it is not know that what kind of God can get polluted by the mere presence of human beings.
What kind of spirituality bars human being from entering the temples ?

Most probably none.

Once upon a time the scriptures ruled the earth in India.

Now its place has been taken by Indian Constitution in a democratic India.

The new system does not believe in notion of purity and superiority. It accords equal rights to anybody to enter the temples. There is no way in which high caste people can save their unthical, assumed, false and dehumanising sense of superiority and purity. It is detrimental to the overall welfare of the society.
Notwithstanding their dehumanising practices , about 1000 upper caste people including women and children set on dharna to protest against dalit temple entry and resultant assumed defiling of the temple. However a compromise has been reached and the wall with nine holes will be broken to make a common entry to all.
There is no physical evidence to show that defilement was caused to temple.
It is all in the head . The real fight has to be fought there.

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