Monday, December 11, 2006

Cricket - Australia , Martyn , Sharad Pawar

The casual (!?) Australians were at it again ! At the award winning ceremony after wining the Champions trophy the Aussie captain Ricky Ponting asks the BCCI President Sharad Pawar by tapping him on the back to handover the trophy to him.
Oh my god , the heavens are going to fall !
How come such a man of low level of merely being an astounding cricket player can tap such a dignitary ? Then this another school boy, Martyn, nudges him out of the stage . Just to get photographed ? Really ? Mr. Sharad Pawar shows all the dignity of dignitary and refuses to make it a point.

Mr. Sharad Pawar is a respected senior parliamentarian of India. He is twice the age these school boys.

There is a time tested tradition in India of respecting the elders. And this also includes not raising your voice in presence of seniors. And these people come from another Continent having population less than that of Mumbai and pat and push him ! This simple act is big enough to bring down the whole Indian civilization !

But we might as well see the Australian side also. Or we shall hang them without proper hearing?

The Australia is a country where casualness is found freely floating on the air. This is a country where Prime Minister and a common can sit on the same bench of a local park. And nobody minds . Nobody is affected. Nobody makes a big deal about. They can rub the shoulders with no less than the Prime Minister. Therefore a casual handshake with a dignitary is not big thing. This time it stretched over a little farther.

Now nobody understand other's cultural and nor anybody is willing to do it!!

However the Aussies get away with it by merely tendering an apology only when asked for it the lawyer of Mr. Sharad Pawar.

Suppose this was to happen in case of Indian player the what would have had happened?
In no time the player concerned would have become a person non grata . He would have been dropped from the selection from the team. He would have been forced to cool his heels. Of course all this was to depend on his relative clout. Or rather parentage. He would been forced to rot. And all his coming generation would have met the same fate.

Very closely nit society ,Indian !! It punishes the man and all those close to him.

It can do it.
It can even make an Einstein to rot if he does not belong to a proper caste.

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