Sunday, January 07, 2007

NOIDA - The Serial killers - Moninder and Surender

Absolutely make no mistake the Indian police is for you and for that matter with everybody.
It consciously ignores the victims of lawlessness if they are poor .

It has ankle high sensitivity. It swims on the neck deep ocean of righteousness.

More than 35 children were missing and it stood by . It waited and waited because practice makes one perfect. So was the perfection of killers gaining momentum. These children were missing from Nithari village, NOIDA, UP ,India. Some of them for more than 2 years. From the same spot. Now more than 20 of them are confirmed to have been killed. How did we come to know about it ? By sheer efficiency of Indian police ? By sheer luck my dear ! Sheer luck and only luck. Otherwise it would not have take two years to find the children missing from the same locality and from the same spot - near the posh house of Mr. Moninder Singh Pandhare.
Mr. Moninder Singh Pandhare and his servant Surender Koli enticed , sexually abused and brutally killed more than a score of children - boys and girls. The proof lies in discovered piles of bones in the covered drain by the side of the house D-5 in Noida’s Sector 31 .
The police did not suspect Mr. Moninder Singh even after suspicion raised by the parents of victims.
Was it because he was rich and played golf ?

Was it because the victims belonged to lowest strata of the society ?

Most probably it was the mix of two reasons but overwhelmingly the second one.
The police did not listen to their complains , refused to file their reports , made fun of them.

It played the role of callous onlooker .

The people belonging to lowest strata do not deserve any protection from law. The law and order come under threat only when elites are affected. Otherwise every thing is honky dory and they can go to sleep while on duty.

Actually it is the result of time honoured principles of boycott , non-cooperation and ostracising. The under lying theme is that of exclusion. Under this the poor and people belonging to lower strata of society are excluded from the protection of law and justice. They do not deserve its benefits and actually become victims of the system of law and justice. However unofficially so.

The system needs to be shaken up and told that Jessica Lal and Priyardashini Matto are not the
only one who are victims. There others as well like these poor kids and Priyanka Bhootmange who are important as well. The system should look at the victims without any discrimination.

Had it been so the priceless , innocent , smiling and bubbling lives of so many lovely kids could have been saved. But one could always depend on Indian police to behave in contrary direction.

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